Carbon Canal Company

Delivering water to irrigators throughout Carbon County, Utah

Water Delivery

Water Users: High Water delivery percentage will be reduced in the next few days.

If you have more water ordered than you are currently using, please call and reduce your water order.

If you have a water order and would like your flow to remain the same by supplementing reservoir water, please notify the Ditch Rider of that order.

If you would like to place a new order for reservoir water you can place that order with the Ditch Rider now to be delivered as early as Monday, July 1.

Please remember to make all orders to the Ditch Rider at 435-650-5411 before noon. If a message or text is received after noon it will be considered an order for the following day. All reservoir orders need to be made 2 days before starting use or shutting water off. If you call today or tomorrow to keep your flow consistent we will allow you to use reservoir water as soon as the percentage drops, without the requirement of the 2 days notification.

High Water Delivery

Carbon Canal Company (CCC) is currently delivering 200% of high water. Please remember that all high water needs to be ordered the day before you want it delivered. We do this because high water is already in the river and the canal. When we switch to reservoir water you are required to order water 48 hours before you want it delivered and shut off. To order water call or text the ditch rider at 435-650-5411. You can also email orders to When ordering water please include your name, the start date, your headgate number, desired flow, and an off date if you know it.

All users who have meters need to check that their meters are in proper working condition before they order water. If you order water then find that your meter is not working properly please call 435-650-5411 and notify our ditch rider. Your water will need to be shut off and your meter repaired. Please read our Policy for more information regarding this. CCC requests that a picture of your meter be sent to use, one once it is running and one after it is shut off. You can send these pictures to or text them to 435-650-5411. Meters along the main canal are also being read by our ditch riders daily when you’re running water and lateral meters are read monthly.

Reservoir water is not delivered until there is room for it in the canal. High water or direct flow has priority in the canal. Water users will be notified when they can start ordering reservoir water. Reservoir water can be transferred from one canal to another. Any water that is being transferred from one canal to another needs to be turned in to Price River Water Users no later than May 31, 2024. If I have a lease memorandum in my office showing a transfer it will be copied to PRWUA. ALL water that is being leased into, out of, or within Carbon Canal needs to be reported to Carbon Canal with a Lease Memorandum. Lease Memorandums are available through this website. There is no charge for water that is being leased out of Carbon Canal into another canal, but to lease water from one user to another within the canal there is a $15 fee (for high water and reservoir) or to move water into Carbon Canal from another canal there is a $15 fee along with carrying charges for that water. It is the water users’ responsibility to provide lease forms and any associated fees to Carbon Canal.


Due to the extreme drought conditions, Carbon Canal Company has implemented the following rules to further ensure accurate measurement of water being used.

  1. All irrigators using meters to measure their water are asked to photograph their meter at the beginning (once the flow is set) and end of each use.  This is requested to verify that your meter is working, that the measurement matches the flow you have ordered, and that the totalizer is properly recording the total amount of water flowing through your meter.
  2. Please send your photos to the ditch rider’s cell phone at 435-650-5411 or to the Carbon Canal Company‚Äôs Gmail account (please use our regular Emery Telcom account for all other business).
  3. All users on open ditches are asked to work with the Watermaster to make sure that all Parshall flumes are properly leveled, clear of downstream debris, and have a properly installed and readable staff gauge.

Water delivery will be challenging, and we will do the best we can to deliver the water to which each user is entitled.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Carbon Canal Co. Board of Directors

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