Delivering water to irrigators throughout Carbon County, Utah

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High Water Delivery

Carbon Canal Company is still delivering 200% of High Water. We are asking that all water users call only the water they are using and not their full entitled flow. This will help us to leave the delivery percentage higher and will make it easier for us to manage the high flows in the canal. If you are running less water than your call, please call our ditch rider and adjust your order. Thank you for your help with this.

High Water Delivery

Carbon Canal Company started delivering High Water on May 1. We are currently delivering 150% of flow. Please call the office with any questions or the Ditch Riders to place an order.


Due to the extreme drought conditions, Carbon Canal Company has implemented the following rules to further ensure accurate measurement of water being used.

  1. All irrigators using meters to measure their water are asked to photograph their meter at the beginning (once the flow is set) and end of each use.  This is requested to verify that your meter is working, that the measurement matches the flow you have ordered, and that the totalizer is properly recording the total amount of water flowing through your meter.
  2. Please send your photos to the ditch rider’s cell phone at 435-650-5411 or to the Carbon Canal Company‚Äôs Gmail account (please use our regular Emery Telcom account for all other business).
  3. All users on open ditches are asked to work with the Watermaster to make sure that all Parshall flumes are properly leveled, clear of downstream debris, and have a properly installed and readable staff gauge.

Water delivery will be challenging, and we will do the best we can to deliver the water to which each user is entitled.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Carbon Canal Co. Board of Directors

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